Saturday, April 28, 2007

I watched them plant a tree in the park across from my house. I thought it was a stupid place to plant a tree but then that's the city for you.

Two days later I watched from the kitchen window as two young workers dug a hole on the walk side of the tree and stomped a marker into it. I thought the last thing the park needed was another plaque dedicating something in memory of someone.

I then drove to Home Depot to get some supplies to fix the part of my roof that had blown off in the last wind storm. When I got back I had a car blocking my driveway, the driver assured me she was leaving quickly. I was starting to really hate that freaking little tree and started to plot its demise.

I stood on my sidewalk and watched the group that gathered for the formal dedication to begin and I started to recognize faces and then realized who the tree was for.

A very active neighborhood local recently died of cancer; it took him quick and it took him early. He was the cousin of the owner of the real estate company. I know his family well.

After I was able to get into my drive, I finished most of the repair being careful not to be seen from anyone on the ground. Just as it was ending I walked over. I talked to his mom, brother, sister and his aunt and a couple politicals.

So I guess I just adopted a tree or at least will keep a look out for it from my kitchen window. It’s still in a sucky location, though.

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