Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I was supposed to have taken pictures of the view from my roof down to the park across the street and from the newly panted tree up to where I could be seen if I had stood up, but I didn't yet maybe later.

After the roof repair, I went into the real estate office and worked on the redesign of the business cards. As usual, I wasn't pleased but could see some worth with what I had and printed them out.

When the owner saw them the next day, she said she liked them. Someone asked what was wrong with them when I said I wasn't crazy about them. She is the type of person who is bubbly when bubbly is inappropriate; she has no critical eye. I told her that she would not understand.

They have no pop, no hook. They seem familiar. They seem to merely present information.

I dropped by not knowing for sure or not she would be there, if she was, she wasn't going to be loving it. Sometimes a familiar face helps as long as that face isn't attached to an asshole.

As she was pouring my second beer she asked a question.

"Are you losing weight?"

I turned my eyes from the filling pint glass to her.

"This isn't me being a bitch or anything. I'm not trying to be mean."

"Yeah, a little."

"Are you bulimic?"

"Does drinking too much and throwing up count?"

"Are you on a diet or something?"

"No. After working the second job I would often go home at midnight and eat and then go to bed. I've just stopped eating after seven."

She was the second person that day to ask about my weight loss. I've kind of always knew how to drop a few pounds without much effort, I've just recently decided to do something about it.

And if I start working out - ladies beware.

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