Thursday, May 31, 2007

Most don't know Amy's name but she the one that does the Bud promotions

So, the guy next to me ordered three shots of Patron Silver and the bartender asked who they were for and the guy said "Me, him and my friend," as he pointed to me with his thumb.

The guy was a regular but a new regular, I moved a seat down so that he could sit with his other regular friend. I good like that.

Later the guy on my other side bought me a pint. Folks love me. "Just so you know he's not gay," the bartender said as she placed the beer in front of me. I said "Thanks for noticing," because I have no problem with gay folks but for just a buck fifty draft, I still think women are prettier.

I was sipping my pint when she rested her arms on the bar and asked "Where were you Tuesday?" I answered with a half truth and a half lie, "I must have been busy or I thought you didn't have any day shifts." She let me off the hook. When I told her I had to go she asked who started my tab; I told her and said "She usually rings me under number five." Her eyes widened with surprise as she asked me how I knew that, I merely said that I ask questions.

Twice today I had wished I had one of my cameras

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