Sunday, December 17, 2006

big deal

no deal

good deal

bad deal

a raw deal

shut up and deal

new deal

fair deal

what's the deal?

misdeal (Miss Erma Deal)

cut a deal

cop a deal

Yes, I was practicing my ampersands

I think the actual writing of an actual ampersand was more popular in olden days. I usually don't use ampersands while I'm writing, I'll use a plus sign or a poor man's version of an ampersand which is like a roundy small capital E with a small vertical line protruding from the middle top and the same descending from the middle bottom.

if you are bored nearly to tears someday, google the phrase 'how to draw an ampersand' you get a range of things from Cicero's slave to reciting the alphabet what you don't get is actually how one would go about hand drawing an ampersand.

Stop rolling your eyes at me. I know how to hand write a proper ampersand; I just wanted to see it. Just like I know all the words I look up in the dictionary; sometimes I just like to see it in print. And by 'all of the words,' I mean 98.6%. Or if you're using the metric system, my percentage drops to 37.

Facts on the armpit (axilla) are hilariously serious over at wikipedia,

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