Thursday, December 28, 2006

- of no distinction

significant - expressing a meaning a significant wink

important - mattering much

gentleman - a man of gentle birth.

gentle - mild

I can't tell you the best day of my life because I can't reckon it and conversely I can't tell you my worst day for the same reason. I can guess at the best and worse times in general.

I keep to the median mostly but sometimes the scale will slide.

"Once, me and my buddy were working lots of overtime. We would be switching off each night, watching the work progress. One night I was parked on the median and I saw a van drive by and the door slid open and I could see someone inside as they continued up the street. The next morning I heard that someone was gunned down up the street."

That was the third time I had heard the story, only this time I noticed that the way he told it didn't make sense.

Back then there were no vans had sliding doors on the driver's side and if he was parked on the median, he could only see the driver's side. Second, from where he was parked to where the shooting took place is about three blocks which is close enough to hear gunfire, especially at night.

It could be that he noticed the door slide open by looking through the windows on the opposite side from the door but I don't think someone would be using a van with windows all around for a drive by. And it could also be that he didn't hear the gunfire because of construction noise but he should include all that in his story.

I have little doubt that he was in the area on the night of the shooting but I have my doubts that he noticed the shooters.

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