Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How come words like rapscallion have lost favor in the modern world?

You probably could not care less about my tiny flash drive and I don't blame you. It's nothing that anybody with $35 can't obtain but this isn't really about the drive, it's about the stickers that they included with it.

I guess these stickers are to make it...

You know what? I haven't a clue what they were going for with these stickers. Maybe I could understand better if I were a Hello Kitty fan.

So, I really couldn't put off setting up the Christmas tree any longer. I was asked to do it five days prior and every time I got some time, something else got my time. Time was running out. I only set up the faux tree and set the lights; someone else decorates it.

She wasn't at home when I got there at about twelve on Saturday but her back door was unlocked so I let myself in, we're tight like that. I left my iPod else where and was kind of missing it and I was too lazy to turn on the sound system that was in the very same room. When the owner of the house came home she turned on the sound, and Lee Ann Womack started playing.

Lee Ann Womack is a bit hokey, I think. I wanted to question why I was being subjected to her music but the home's owner has caught me listening to that genre of music before, probably 40% of my CD's could fall into the Country category.

And I actually have the CD that was playing, so I just shut up and listened. After Lee Ann was Lee Ann, she was one repeat.

Shouting "My taste in music sucks! Turn this crap off," doesn't seem too bright.

After the repeat was removed Celine Dion came on; I left to get more lights.

How I imagine that meeting for the sticker went.

"Let's see. What can we do for stickers? Colored stripes, colored dots, a heart, a sun...'

"Oh, I know! Let's get funky and do a camouflage one. Oh, and a leopard print!"

"Good, good. We'll need some practical ones too, like icons of computers and folders and some with just solid colors, like yellow, green, pink and gray."

Now I know that gray actually matches well with purple, which so happens to be the color of my little flash drive but who's going to take the effort to remove the gray sticker from its backing and align in onto the flash drive?

You know what? All of those stickers suck. I shouldn't just pick on the gray one.

...I think I'll use the leopard print one.

I miss being able to use the word queer.

Using that leopard print sticker would be queer, and I don't mean gay.

I think I will make it my mission to bring back the word queer for queer's sake

This cushion has a queer odor.

That shellfish made my stomach feel queer.

He spends his day barking in the hallway. He's rather queer.

There is no such thing as self enforcing. Enforcement needs some force enforcing it, 'cause people are pricks.

So, my sister asked what I thought of Fergie.

"I like her singing especially when it's about her humps." I paused and the added "And her lovely lady lumps."

"Doesn't that make you feel like creepy saying things like that? Because it does me."

Then don't ask questions of which you may not like the answers.

But I do love saying things that make people uncomfortable.

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