Thursday, December 07, 2006

this ain't as cool as spitting dye at the back of your hand

January 18, 2007 will be my three year anniversary or maybe I've got the date wrong but sometime in the first month of the year oh-seven, I will have been posting for three years.

It looks very long in the archives list, which I should change back to just a monthly list.

Three years is a long blink of the eye. I thought I would have been done with blogs and blogging long by now. I never would have guessed that there would be this many posts authored by me.

Probably a fourth more posts never made it to the save button, they lived the life of static electricity. The cosmos would make no more distinction between those lost written words and some wool socked someone touching a doorknob.

These words will take just a moment longer to disappear. This form my survive but this medium will be lost. This medium has not the romance of a charcoal stick.

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