Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm a vengeful bastard but my vengeance often gets tempered with pity so I just come off as being snide.


He is a poor communicator because he doesn't take time to know what the issue is.


His problem is he thinks everyone is an asshole but he thinks they will change. I know everyone is an asshole and I know they won't change.


So, we were talking at coffee about locations and describing those locations by the buildings at those locations and we were describing the buildings by what they used to be. One such building used to be a high school, so we started to talk about high schools. My supervisor and I went to the same high school. When he went there it was an all boys school and he started talking about what that was like and then he turned to me for a confirmation.

I told him that the high school was co-ed when I was there and that it had been for quite some time.

"Oh, I didn't know. '68 is when I graduated."

"I was two."


dumb clucks


I saw a two foot plastic penguin the other day and I started thinking:

Regina likes penguins

Radio likes ducks

xTx likes cocks

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