Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I frequently say "The truth is..." but the truth is when I say that you're not getting anymore truth than usual.

I like to think I'm pretty leveled headed. I also like to think that I have a lot of my default reactionary nature under control. I further thing that if I hadn't routinely witnessed people reacting poorly in certain situations, I would be just like them.


I don't know: guilt, maybe, but the odds are on pride.

I question fate's judgment.

I think fate is somewhat of a malleable thing. I think it's changeable but it's not exchangeable.

I think it's like a plot of land and a seed neither of which you get to choose.


I have no patience for folks that don't listen. If you can't listen, you can't learn.

If you want to see me crazy, just repeat what someone had just said to you quite incorrectly.

"No! That's not what he said" equals the start of crazy for me.

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