Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I chew chewing gum in work, mostly because I drink a lot of coffee and a lot of gin, and when I'm done chewing the chewing gum I'll wrap it in a small piece of paper and then throw it away.

I do this mostly because I'm drunk on gin and partly because the cleaning crew reuses the trash bags and if you throw gum away without wrapping it in something, chances are that the gum will stick to the trash bag. I don't like the looks or the thought of gum staying around in the trash bag.

I don't actually drink gin during work hours and I actually haven't had any gin since I've been drinking premium tequila.

So, walking back...

This is a brand new story.

So, walking back from lunch, I stopped in my regular coffee place and ordered my regular coffee. I only saw one girl working so I may have been slightly checking out her nicely shaped ass after she turned to pour the coffee when I heard someone say "Hello."

I looked up and passed the large coffee machine and noticed the regular girl who regularly takes my regular order for my regular coffee from my regular coffee place most regularly every day.

"I thought I recognized that voice."

I waved and smiled and maybe blushed a bit from embarrassment. She also has a nicely formed ass but I honestly just go there for the fine coffee.


So, for the volume label on my tiny flash drive I typed in "Tim Green" and I was like 'sweet' my name just fits and now every time I go looking for it, it's throwing me off. I see my name and I'm like "Hey, that's me" but I never associate it with being the tiny flash drive.

I really should give it a different name, and maybe toss a readme file on there just in case I loose it.


There have been times when I have had to inform people that I'm not magic, that the things I do require a certain amount of effort and usually a sizable amount of time.


I'm just one home away from being homeless.

Actually, that's not true. I'm sure I could get someone to put me up.


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