Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have a pot of gold and I use it to prop open the broken kitchen door.


metaphorsight - most of Nostradamus' prophesies were metaphorsights

"It doesn't bode well for him," is what I thought and I know what all those words mean but I thought I'll have to look up the word 'bode.'

And I did

bided or bode - Who says bode for bided?

but then I read further and spied the word portend and I was like all "I need to use the word portend more."

What I like about the word portend is that everybody knows the meaning of it but nobody uses it so when you whip that sucker out, folks are all like "What a pompous ass" or "What a pretentious donkey" but they know exactly what you are saying.

Similar to the word pretentious. They are words which seemingly elevate the level of vocabulary used in a conversation but yet leave no one listening behind.

"And what do you portend to do about it?" Is a question that can really infuriate a drunk that just got in your face after you just indicated that he was not dissimilar to a pretentious donkey.

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