Saturday, December 09, 2006

my lover gets my diction up


Sorry too many so's in a row.

Anyway, today crawled along. The only thing I had to do was to last until eleven thirty, that's it, just survive for three and a half hours. My boss was out and my supervisor was leaving the same time I was - bide my time, that's it for half a day, a short half.

So, you know I looked up he word bide and the indication was that the word is archaic. So then you know I looked up the word archaic.

I make love to the dictionary at least twice a week.

Sometimes I wonder: Where'd that come from? And other times I wonder: Is that a proper contraction?

I like the big unabridged versions, leather bound with that large sweeping curve of the spine with those decorative ridges and those thumb tab showing me right where what I desire hides. I love opening it wide and running my index finger down the column of bolded words lovingly showing the exact rhythm wished for. Sometimes, I'll stop and reverse the direction because I won't be done there, just yet. "Hey, can I look up a word?" I'll hear. I'll say "No, but I'll look it up for you." And I'll spread the hard bound covers apart to right where the choice word lies because I know those pages and they graciously submit to me. I'll read the word and then it's meaning followed by its use in a sentence. I will never look away as I say "Now go. Go! Please, just go."

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