Saturday, February 17, 2007

add baby hater to the list

Ain't it always the way? You're driving home when the idea hits you and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it except to hope that you still remember the idea later when you can either write it down or carry it out.

You see, the logo doesn't pop on that black brochure and it doesn't pop on the gold brochure either. The logo doesn't pop because I like to play it save but driving home (ie. taking the bus to the subway station) I got the idea of putting the gold logo on the black brochure and then vise versa on the gold brochure but I was on the bus so there wasn't a damn thing I could do about.


So, I said "Sometimes it's important to do nothing. To just relax." So, then I hear, "Timmy, you don't understand. I can't just do nothing." So, then I said "I don't mean to actually not do anything, like stay in bed all day. I mean to read a book or something".

So, later the dude's talking to someone and says "Timmy, says I need to relax". And you know me, right? I'm not backing down on anything I say, I might explain things a little better if I think I'm being misunderstood but I'll own my words. So, I said "That right! You do need to relax." So, then he states again that he cannot "just do nothing." I wanted to shout "Hellooo! Do you ever f-ing listen?" But I didn't.

Maybe I need to relax.


So dude's reading my paper in the empty cube across from me where I put my paper so people can find it to take to their own cube to read, only dude starts reading the paper right there. I handle that but then he starts saying things like "Poor Anna Nicole Smith..." and he says them not like he talking to me but like he's a senile old man just talking to himself so he won't feel so lonely that he'll off himself. But I don't want to hand hold him so I just let the comment fall.

So he says another thing and I don't bite and he says a third thing and I don't bite.

Dude, stop casting comments my way because I'm not biting. Get a life, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a dog, become a drunk at a bar like me but please just shut up or at least talk to me directly so I can shoot down all your inane comments in a heated discussion type manner and so I won't feel like I'm just lashing out at a pitiful lonely man.


He gave me a ride in. He thinks it's a big favor but I would rather walk most days. He made two bigoted statements one against minorities and one against homosexuals.

After I pointed out he was making a bigoted statement against minorities he was careful to not name the other group he was making bigoted statements against, he just referred to it as "that type of neighborhood." and then he asked "You know the type I'm talking about, right?"

Well seeing how you are a racist homophobe, yes I do. He has no problem dealing with individual blacks or gays but put them into groups then it's a different story. He thinks there can be good ones but as a whole you have to watch out for those people.

edit*** Add baby hater to the list.

If my friends and I were to offer awards and behave just as that Hasty Pudding bullshit, we would be locked up as perverts.

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