Thursday, February 15, 2007

My replies were getting slower and slower mostly because my brain function was getting busier and busier.

A drive to the airport a 6:15pm was the first request. I'm walking through my door at 4:35pm most days and on Tuesdays I need to go to the second job. It takes fifteen minutes to drive there. It takes fifteen minutes to drive to her house. It takes seven minutes to drive to the airport. And I needed to get some gasoline.

The second request was to drop off her car at the auto body shop after I dropped her off at the airport.

A snow storm was scheduled to hit.

I planned to work on some marketing items for the second office.

Parking is an issue on normal days; days with snow are a lot worse.

I heard her say "Hello. Can you do it?" I told her that I could, although I wasn't digging what my schedule had become. At least I had a four hour notice. I went to the ATM to get some cash for the toll I was going to have to pay.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I stopped by the office after work until six and told folks that I would be returning some time later. I showed up at her door at the time she told me to be there. She got to truck some time later. "That's why I told you six thirty my time," I just sat quiet, it was quarter of.

The trip to the airport was uneventful; I was brought up to speed on a couple things that she had only hinted at before and she decided that her car could go to the repair place on Saturday instead. Things started to look up.

I got the ideas in my head on paper and they weren't as fantastic as I had imagined. There were readability issues. When it comes to form or function, I side with function even though most everything I read on designing leans towards form. "What good is nice copywriting if you don't catch someone's eye first?" First, a shout then mumbling. My gut wants to reward those who take time to read with pleasant easy reading copy.

I tend to whisper in a world that shouts.

A shout will get more attention but a whisper gets better attention.

What I had was eye catching but some info was hard to read. I felt like I was cheating people by saying "Hey, listen to me!" and then saying nothing when people turned an ear my way.

I figure something out that I won't be pleased with. I have a hard time pleasing myself. Well, except for those four minutes in the shower on certain mornings.

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