Monday, February 05, 2007

The most I could muster was to lie

I looked into her office, she was sitting alone, she was quiet. I'll look in if no one is there and she's not on the phone just to say hi before I go upstairs.

She asked about family photos because she was having trouble locating them on the computers. I still had some that I scanned years in the past and told her that there were others on her second laptop.

I've never seen her look defeated before even if she was only just very tired. Her brown eyes seemed too watery for what was normal.

She needed a hero, is what my hunch was.

The most I could muster was to lie and let her know that I was holding my own.


The younger one will jump off of whatever she sees her solder sister jump off of only she doesn't do any of the planning that her sister has learned through experience. She'll jump a little farther, jump a little quicker, jump a little higher.

The older one knows the pain of learning so her jumps are a little more measured.


There wasn't much I could do. I didn't expect a thirteen year old to know street names and addresses so I drove her to a starting point that she knew. We got to her friend's house without too much wasted travel but our traveling wasn't done.

She asked to go to her hair dresser's so I drove a bit to a different starting point. I didn't say anything when I realized I traveled a couple miles just to get back to the neighborhood I had just left but she must have sensed we were close and she asked.

I told her that I would show her and drove the nine city blocks.


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