Thursday, February 08, 2007

"We have crabs!" Thank fish monger.

Have you even just gone to a train station just to pass some time, maybe to peruse a popular local magazine to scope out the advertising, you know just to see what catches your eye so you can steal design ideas?

So, you buy the popular local magazine for $3.99 and you mildly wondered why you're not being taxed on a magazine but you just brush it off and try to find a seat mostly out of the way. You find such a seat and sit down and start flipping through the pages, and you struggle a bit not to read the articles because your goal was to just notice advertising, when you feel a small itch in your crotch area and you think 'that's odd' because very rarely does you crotch itch and then the thought crosses your mind that you may have just giving yourself crabs because you are sitting in a skeevy train/bus station.


I wondered what happened to my ear buds for weeks. It's rather unlike me to lose things but people lose things and I'm a people. So, today I'm moving stuff around and part of the stuff is the holder for the ear buds and I lamented a bit that I had lost my twenty five dollar listening device when I noticed through the partly translucent cover that the ear buds were inside.

And that's what usually happens when I start putting things in their proper places. The case is a pain in the butt to use, it must have been a slow day.


Sometimes, I weary in being other people's memory...
and their common sense as well.


So, I was asked if there was anyway to retrieve a chat. I didn't know for certain but said there was certainly a chance and I would look for it. It's new software, something I had nothing to do with, my experience with it is the same as everyone else's.

So, I found the chat and where the chats are stored and it was announced to the room immediately. The receptionist then came over likety split and asked how to do it; she had a pad of paper and a pen in hand.

I was all over that application and I did instantly memorize all my keystrokes. I told her to go to the control panel and look around.

Most often it's enough just to know that something can be done in order to find a way to do it.

Look, please please just take a look about.


I chose my words carefully. If I say that I know something, that shouldn't be confused with "I think" something.


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