Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He worries about others; he thinks everyone is working the system and thinks they should be reprimanded. He's asked why he doesn't confront these ne'er-do-wells. His reply is because he doesn't want them to ruin the deal he has going.

Glass houses and gardens of stone.


I wish that I wished to be great but I'm okay with just getting by.

I squander.


Dumb chicks have never turned me on until last night. I'm starting to worry.


I'll have to retype my resume. I could only find a hard copy. I like the looks of it.


He thinks the point he's making is something other than he's an asshole.


I think most every time that someone has started being nicer to me and telling me about what a nice guy I am and how I'm great they do something that ends up making my life more difficult.

So, I don't trust praise.

I'm also a hard judge so I'm rarely self satisfied.

I don't see the glass as half empty or half full. I wonder what moron left a half glass of water just sitting where it can get knocked over. "Whose water is this? How about not leaving it in the way? Did you not want a glass of water? Are you just wasting people's time and effort and water?"

I see a half glass of water and wonder where the bourdon is.


Sometimes, some times.

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