Saturday, February 24, 2007

a gift of twenty

I watched him approach the driver of the parked car in front of me while I was reading my Staples receipt to see what type of refund I was entitled to. I could not make out what he asked her after she rolled her window down but I assumed it was money when he started walking my way.

I rolled my window down about four inches. The story he told me was about how his truck had just broke down and that he's trying to catch a cab home with his son. I looked to the back of my truck and said that I didn't have room for two but it wasn't a ride he was looking for. I reached into my pocket and was reminded that I only had a twenty and a little more than a dollar in change.

I told him I only had change as he called to his six year old son to wait on the sidewalk. I lowered the window and handed him the change and said "Hey, it’s a start."

I wonder why I didn't think his plight was worth twenty bucks. Twenty bucks isn't a lot to me and I didn't need any cash right away and if I did an ATM would be on the way.

I didn't doubt his need for money but I guess I just didn't believe his story. I've doubted stories in the past and still have given money so now I wonder wasn't it worth a twenty dollar gamble.

I have no regret, live and learn…

and risk more twenties, I guess.

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