Sunday, February 18, 2007

magenta is not cyan, magenta is not cyan...

So, the finial version was chosen. The black front with the gold logo on gloss paper in front and matte on the back, the back would be the blue blueprint and the blueprint would be changed for five different units.
never mind me. I don't know my ink colors yet.

I was asked to print 12 of each which means six sheets five times because the brochures are just half a sheet of paper large. Which maybe makes them a flyer; I don't know.

Anyway, I printed out the first unit's blueprints, flipped them over and finished printing three sheets when I ran out of ink. The yellow went first, the cyan was following close behind.

The printer has five different colored inks plus a black. The cartridges cost ten bucks a piece unless you buy the set of all of them for $35.00. I bought the set and an extra yellow and an extra magenta because I was a moron and thought it was magenta that was going next.

So, anyway when I got to the office and started printing things out I ran out of cyan because I can't remember colors. And I will have spent thirty bucks on three cartridges when I could have just gotten a whole set for five bucks more.

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