Thursday, February 08, 2007

Then the sun dozed

An old guy with a blue coat and matching hat seems as nameless as his cup of coffee.

A younger guy with a home brought lunch. He's using a gladware plastic container. He reminds me of Toby McGuire.

The attractive teacher just walked by. She was eating lunch with one of the loners.

I noticed her right away as she reached the top of the far side staircase. She walked my way with long strides and sat at the table next to me. She carried no food or drink, no iPod or magazine. She sat quietly until she made a phone call.

The sun shone through, lighting up most of my corner of the world. It was almost too bright. It almost got me.

Tourist were at the table in front of me, two couples about twelve years apart in age. The guys were sitting alone when I first arrived. I thought they lunching by themselves until their wives showed up.

I was having trouble figuring out the home brought lunch guy. He rested his head on his arms. (I miss naptime) He's about a third way through his quart of water. I forget the logo on the container. It looks like a smiley face with a blue carrot nose and it’s wearing a beret.

She's prettier than her friend. She has died her hair a fiery red.

"It's poofy in the middle and tight around the boobs. It's so girls can hide that they have a spare tire thing going on but I don't have that but I don't have the boobs either so nothing fits me" – the girl on the cell phone.

Vapid comes to mind, even before she states that there should be more pretty girls because that college isn't that hard to get into.

The girl with the red colored hair eats her French fries with a fork. She stab the fry in the middle, eat the left end then the right before she eats the middle. I've never seen a fried potato eaten so precisely. It's doesn't appear to be a very economical way to eat fries but she looks kind of classy doing it.

The old guy with the no name coffee works for a parking garage. He seemed to be fading away as I watched him.

The sun seemed to be struggling to stay awake. The shadows grew longer. The sun would sleep soon.

He had a coffee from Red Barn, at first he sat on a bench then he moved to a table. He pulled out a small notebook from the breast pocket of his wool jacket that he had placed on the back of his chair. He doodled something quickly in pencil and then put the notebook aside.

He sat there looking, thinking. He was in no hurry. When he picked up the notebook again, he used a pen and wrote for twenty minutes, occasionally looking around as he sipped his coffee.

Then the sun dozed.

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