Thursday, February 01, 2007

Off the sofa, you bad bad apple.

It was true, I never call. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I never know what her ever changing schedule is. I don't know because I don't call.

She could be sleeping or in a meeting or standing next to a supervisor when she isn't supposed to be talking on the phone.

There are times I think it would be better for her if she just would forget about me but that would certainly snuff out whatever it is that glows in my heart.

If you could change your past for an uncertain future would you do it? There are things I would like to change but not at the risk of losing what I have now.

Would you trade knowledge of one thing for greater knowledge of another? I wouldn't unless someone's life was in danger but that's not the question. I would attempt to get off my ass and learn more, I would try to grab more knowledge; I wouldn't trade it. But sometimes I think my head can only hold so much.

I see my life as an apple cart. I know basically how many apples I can handle. There are some fruits at the bottom I would like to rearrange but I worry that the whole cart might get upset. The cart and I are at an accord but I would really like to be standing on a busier corner sometimes. But then there are all those pesky curbs to worry about.

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