Thursday, February 15, 2007

but then I don't have to tell you that

It's safe; I guess that's why I go there. I'm recognized but still unknown.

I do think I'll survive it; that's probably my main problem. It doesn't matter what it is, my past practice says that this too shall pass. Where the problem comes in is that I don't make things easy on myself. I'll wait too long or bite off too much. Some future day I'll look back, rub the fading scars and smile at my resilience, forgetting the pain of those bygone wounds.

I'm safe, polite and kind, usually not all at once but usually two out of three so I tend to attractive folks but sometimes I need to get work done. It bothers me that some folks will no recognize that.

He was standing at the bar with empty seat all around him. He was the only one there. It bothers me when people don't sit. I think he's under the impression that it gives him a tough guy persona. I think it makes him look like a fool.

I sat and gave him a nod because I'm cool like that. He started small talking which included asking me how my business was literally every other question. The bartender even rolled her eyes. He offered to buy me a beer because that's what big shots do. I told him that I would be sticking with the ginger ale.

The guy's a moron who won't listen because he has all the answers. I don't waste time on him too much. I'll keep my answers short and vague and use a lot of well-you-know's. He's too foolishly proud to admit that he doesn't know, even when I start making stuff up.

He asks about properties Downtown. I repeat that I'm a neighborhood guy but he still asks again. I told him I couldn't say much because big things were in the works. He knows some of what I do is real estate related and when he asked how my business was for the fourth time I told him "spring will break." It was more of a weather forecast than an economic one but when I got back to the office, the business section of the local online paper stated that spring would bring a robust market. He's probably going to brag to his friends/ex-cons that he knows a guy in the know.

Please don't be stupid around me because it is very difficult for me not to make fun of you right to your face which will cause you to get your feelings hurt.

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