Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh man, do I love my pencil!

"Centuries ago, the pencil was considered to be a revolutionary work of genius. Its invention set a new benchmark, greatly facilitating writing and drawing."

"It has become a very symbol of our era and, coupled with refined, modern-day mechanical pencil technology, now creates an impressive symbiosis of design and function. Future needs tradition." - the Staedtler Company

I've been trying to grip the pencil much less than like a low land gorilla.

My pencil has no eraser

My pencil is made by Staedtler.

My pencil is made in Germany.

My pencil is a Mars Lumograph.

My pencil is of the type HB for hardness and blackness.

My pencil is blue with white lettering and has a small white band under the glossy black top.

My pencil had a UPC code of 0 31901 10481 8.

My pencil has an item number of Art. No. 100-HB A6.

My Pencil - I call him Mr. Scribbles.

fun facts about pencils

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My pencil comes to a point sometimes and other times it's blunted; it travels all the sharpnesses in between.

My pencil can leave my love on the back of an envelope or with graphite lines tell you you park like a dope.

My pencil can point and scratch and type one letter at a time, it likes the 'enter' key the best.

My pencil has but just one hand for a home because some people bite and those people suck.

My pencil thinks I should use my time more wisely

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