Sunday, January 28, 2007

I was standing by my friends. She was standing next to me. Our conversation got started when she asked if the group of us were yuppies and/or out-of-towners.

She doubted me when I told her I was born and breed in Boston because I lacked an accent. She was a twenty three year old nurse who seemed to enjoy making trouble. She thought she was smarter than us.

"Wicked pisser" and "park the car in Harvard Yard" were both spoken by her; despite her claims, she was no true Bostonian.

She would lean her left breast into my right arm every time she spoke and she enjoyed talking. My elbow made it to second base more often than an All-Star base stealer. According to her story she was earning $200,000 and being taxed at thirty three percent. She was told she should hang out at better bar rooms with a salary such as that.

At one point she produced a pair of safety scissors and tried to demonstrate how she can cut off clothes by attaching my buddy's tie. She said "You never know when you need to get somebody out of their clothes." Her scissors looked as like a toothless man chewing on a cheap steak as the tie survived the assault. I suggested she learn how to use buttons and zippers. Later, I felt as if we were trapped in a poorly done infomercial as we started cutting pennies in half.

She was humorous for a while, entertaining from time to time and constantly unattractive. Her boasting soon wore thin and we grew bored; she moved on.

We concluded that Colleen would have done us all if asked and then bragged about it to the next guy.

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