Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nov 30th

Dec 23rd

Dec 30th

By New Years Day I was worried. You see, I'm needy. I don't need much but do need something or else I begin to doubt and start to dream up scenarios. That voice in my head is fantastic at flash fiction.

When New Years Day became yesterday, I was writing the eulogy for the time we knew each other. "I know her" was changing to "I knew her."

I'm overly dramatic like that sometimes but it's always mostly just internal dialog that gets spoken. I was going to add that you don't have to take back any internal dialog that is spoken but I can remember some inner voice doing just that.

So, I started some emotional packing up, just in case, for when things would be beyond doubt, when later that day I received an email from her. The first thing I did was to check the length of it, it was long, I smiled and then started to unpack.

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