Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sales person with no personality and no sales ability

I guess I just hate the way she writes but come on now who says things like “Your new neighbor will be taking occupancy in the beginning of February.”

I didn't like the photo she chose either. I wanted to ask her "What is this photo saying?" When I went to lunch I took some other shots and when the owner asked to see the mock up of the postcard I gave her all the photo choices as well. She chose one I took.

To get someone to flip a postcard over is hard enough at least do your best to give them something they will want to look at.

Use your eyes. Read things out loud. Change things that don't work.

If you got this in the mail, would you read it? Postcards scream "I'm junk mail." I rarely read any of the ones I get, occasionally I'll give them a flip but if nothing catches my eye they get thrown away.

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