Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Destiny - Fate - Circumstance

It's hard to get into rhythm when the band is playing haphazardly which is why I hadn't made any plans for making changes until the holidays were over but then I didn't want it to look like I was making any New Years resolutions so the plan was to ease into things quietly.

Circumstances have brought certain planned changes about hastily. It as if fate over heard my plans and stuck its nose into my business. It taunts me and points out that this is what I wanted; it neglects any mention of my original time table.

I want to buck the changes and start over. I don't like fate telling me what to do. I've flipped off fate in the past. I've watched it go whizzing by while others around me were tripping over themselves trying to grab it by the tail, I refused to budge.

I like to avoid the crowds. I like to wait for the second show. It seems most people have been brainwashed into thinking you only get one chance. I don't know, maybe I'm different, but I see chances everywhere.

Sometimes, I wish I only had one chance that way I wouldn't have to choose which chance to take. I never actually wish that because I fear that it may come true so I only think about the thought of wishing it.

I'm always careful about what I wish for. A lot of my wishes come true.

Be careful what you wish for.

I'm in constant listening mode for that damn other shoe.

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