Saturday, January 13, 2007

I didn't think she would call me from out of town. It turns out she didn't. She had mouse problems back at home and asked me to address them. I had a half a beer waiting back inside but I told her that I would try to be there later.

Later, came and I had a Margarita sitting in front of me and after the second one I told the barkeep that I had to go. "Don't you want a shot? Do a shot with me?" I agreed to do a shot and watched her pour three and wondered who else was going to be included. She grabbed the little plastic cup and walked in the opposite direction. I then wondered if I had heard her correctly.

When she returned she poured more Vodka into the stainless steel mixer, walked over to me and started pouring the contents into two other plastic cups. "I had to catch up" she explained and finished pouring equal levels of booze. She then said "Yours should be bigger" as she filled mine nearly to the top. I was going to raise a protest but she told me to hold on.

She squirted a bit of cranberry juice into my Vodka. I asked if that was supposed to make it less than four ounces of Vodka, she told me that it did. She then shared her Diet Coke chaser with me.

The mouse problem would be handled the following day.

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