Saturday, January 13, 2007

One thing that I do know about me is that thinking hard rarely brings me success but thinking long does.

I'm certain some folks think that I have a lack of concern for some matters but it's not that I don't care it's that I don't see the value in fretting over it.

Another thing that I know about myself is that sometimes I 'play it cool' with the hope of pissing people off. Some people want you to stress out with them when they tell you their emergencies. Some people hate it when you tell them to relax.



So, sometimes I do things for folks. These things can be called favors and the gratitude for these favor things are sometimes expressed with cash.

I used to refuse cash (or any other gift) while I tried to explain that the favor was something I could do so I did it - "No problem. I was glad I could help" - I was seeking no reward. But some folks need to demonstrate their thankfulness and if I don't take the cash then they feel like they own me something despite whatever I say, so as an added service, now I just take the cash and say "Thanks."

So, thank you favor receiver for the little white envelope but $60 was a little bit much but I'm certain my buddies at the bar will quite enjoy it. That's twenty six beers while leaving a fifty percent tip. That's about five beers each if the five of us show up.

Sixty's too much. I should really stop taking cash.

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