Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Great moppable floors! Move in and get to mopping today!"

I'm like support staff. I use the word 'like' because usually support staff is stuck doing the grunt work. I don't mind grunt work but I'm not going to do your grunting for you if the only reason you can't do it is because you're lazy and/or stupid. Also, I'm mostly a genius so people will often require my assistance so I support the staff.

Anyway, one of the things that bogs me down is taking photos. I don't think taking photos is a big deal. I'm not looking for works of art or anything, I just want a shot the shows something worth looking at and preferably that has something to do with the property being sold and the agent has to swing by the property so there is no reason in the whole entire East coast as to why they can't snap a shot.

On the high end properties, I'll shoot the photos myself mostly because we need a few good pictures but I expect the agents to be able to snap a couple good shots otherwise or at least one that isn't horrible.

So, today I see this one.

I've seen worse, sometimes there isn't anything you can do to get a decent frame but you can at least move the freaking mop from center frame.

"And don't forget about our vast barren kitchen walls and complementary cardboard boxes!"

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