Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I didn't bother to finish any of this

"Do you have any plans for New Year's?"

"Maybe I'll finally open that Champaign from last New Year's, that's still in the frig."


"I'm not a fan of mimosas. I think it ruins both the orange juice and the Champaign."


new start, last year's smells.

the best part is that the holidays are over.

p.s. holidays are supposed to be fun.

but this year brings a modicum of hope - mostly because I'm tired of what I've become, or more precisely what I've rotted to.

but I'm still better than the next guy - that's what I think of today's society.


I've been putting things off for years and I basically asked her what the hurry was. She basically answered with a shoulder shrug. But lately I'm been wondering what's the delay.


if I fake patience do I obtain fake virtue?


so we've double the amount of U.S. victims

Our high moral horse seems to be shitting over everything.

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