Monday, January 15, 2007

I don't know who won but it was one of them

So, the Partiots won and Chicago won. I watched both games downtown which is something I almost never do. Yesterday may have been the first. I cashed out twice, once for the shift change and the other when I was leaving, and with the tips, I think I spent about a hundred and twenty dollars.

I probably should say a prayer for my liver but that sucker's pretty stout. I should raise a glass, at least.

So, this morning I was looking down at the jeans around my ankles noticing how nicely their color matched with the boxers and wondered if I had planned that when I put them on yesterday afternoon. I then started with the memory check which is my usual routine. I remember dropping my six hundred dollar check from my pocket after pulling out some cash. I reached down to the left hand pocket to check that I still had it but I found no check. I then felt around in all the other pockets and couldn't find it.

I started to worry because I needed that check in the bank soon or bills would go unpaid. I checked the jacket I had on the day before and found my camera but no check. I then looked for four other checks that needed to be deposited into a different account and couldn't find those. Then I started to really worry. I had all those checks with me because I do all my deposits in my bank branch downtown and one of my plans was to make those deposits if I got the chance. Now the mortgage was a risk.

I cursed myself a bit for being so stupid and drunk. Then I started to think that I wasn't really that screwed up yesterday despite a valiant effort. I could not fathom losing five checks from two separate pockets, one pants and the other - jacket breast. I then check the few ATM receipts I had, I always have a few so I thought nothing of them at first because I could remember at least two trips to the machine that day.

The first one was for when I withdrew sixty bucks, the second was a six hundred dollar deposit and the third was another deposit. I stopped checking after that. I can still only vaguely remember licking one of the envelopes for those deposits and that's it, no walking to the bank, no using the card to open the door, no using two separate cards, no endorsing the backs, no filling out the information (I can't imagine I got the math correct), nothing other then licking that one envelope.

I did remember that the Pat's won and that it was a close scoring game but I don't know how well they played. I also could remember that one of the teams won the early game, I had to check today to find out it was the Bears. If you had asked me who won prior to my research I most certainly would have said "I don't know but it was one of them."

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