Thursday, January 18, 2007

"This is a very beautiful photo. It's the best I've seen. It's a wonderful angle and…"

She said more but my ears just kind of shut down. I didn't believe what she was saying or at least I didn't believe she believed what she was saying and even if I did, she could have shot the same picture, anyone could have. Well, anyone with eyes and even a few without. I was getting irritated that she didn't try to make her own marketing item better. If she truly thought my photo was so great then why did she take such a bland one? Move around. If you can't move the subject, move the photographer. I didn't like what I saw so "I" moved.

Move. Use your eyes.

…and stop lying to me. I know you think I'm an asshole, always correcting your stuff. I know you don't appreciate my opinion. And that's okay but let's be real about it.

You were very near to taking the same shot.

I'll tell you my secret. I tried to make it not look like an old prison.

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