Friday, January 26, 2007

She was getting ready to leave. Her daughter kept honking the horn on the family's Cadillac SUV. Her long mink coat was on the leather high back chair in her office. The chair was in front of the marble mantle place. On the mantle sat the postcards that I finished three days before and one of the six bookmarks I had handed her three days before that.

"I have to get going..." She called up from her office to mine.

"Alright, I'll see you later."

"I really like the postcards. They came out nice." I hadn't seen her since I added more elements to version I had shown her. I usually like to get her go ahead before I run all the copies but...

"Yeah, I like 'em."

"I like the bookmarks too."

I have a couple issues with the bookmark. It looks good but when I printed them out I didn't like the spacing and placement of the text.

I imagined her looking at all the items on the mantle as she buttoned up her coat feeling a slight tug between family and work. For a couple years we were just working at the status quo; lately we've been working at regaining our championship title. It feels good to be winning again.

I really didn't have a reply for her last statement but felt I should say something; "They still need to be tweaked" was the best I could some up with.

I'll tweak tomorrow.

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