Friday, December 24, 2010


We go to Costco maybe once every six weeks, there are probably seven aisles that we ever go down so when she grabbed the cart and headed down an aisle we never use, I asked what was up.

She gave a head nod to the young lady further down the aisle and said, "I just thought you would like to see your girlfriend again." She then said mockingly, "Oh, can I please have two? And as a reward I will shake my ass for you as I walk away."

We ran into the lady in the bottled water section, she had half pulled a case off of the stack and then seemed to be waiting while she finished her phone call. I didn't want to wait so I grabbed her case and said, 'Let me help you with that," and then tossed it into her cart. She then looked at me and said, "Could I get two please?" I just smiled at her and said, "Sure," instead of the "Are you fucking kidding me?" that I wanted to say. She did have a nice wiggle as she walked away.

I grab the side of the cart to stop it, she was still pushing it so it veered to in the right toward the center of the aisle before she stopped pushing altogether. We both watch as the young lady makes a right turn at the end of the aisle.

She then puts her hand on my lower back and says, "Don't worry, if you get hard I will take care of you when we get home."

I check to make sure we were alone in the aisle before I reach around with my left hand and grabbed her wrist from behind me and turn us both so that we were facing each other, I then step into her while I grab her throat, and push her back against the shelves. I bang her head against the metal more than I would have liked. She instinctively, grabs the hand on her throat.

It's taken me awhile to be this aggressive with a woman. I was always taught women are delicate and you should always handle them with utmost care. She has taught me that women are very not delicate and they like to feel a certain amount of force.

I know she will rub her head when she gets a chance, slightly tousling her long brunette locks.

Her eyes dart back and forth to make certain that no one else is still around, if there were she would give me a sign but I get no sign so I continue. I get close to her face and say quietly and right at her mouth, "You will take care of me whether or not I get hard."

I see her eyes flash and then feel her right leg move. She feels me to start to rotate my hips to protect myself from her rising knee. She says, "Don't worry." I do not worry.

In the past, she has brought her knee up hard and dropped me to the floor mostly to remind me that every time I take her, it's at her will. It's something that she allows. I'm pretty certain that I could take her in a boxing match but in a cage fight, she would probably kick my ass. She has that killer instinct that I don't and I know that if she ever stopped caring for me she would have no trouble snapping my neck.

She continues to carefully raise her leg and brushes my crotch. She then says, "It looks like we don't have to worry about the 'or not'."

She loosen her grip on my hand and I loosen my grip on her neck. I kiss her and she kisses me back. I let her loose and then kiss her redden throat. We are no longer alone. I take a step back and lean on the cart. She asks, "How's Mister Happy?" with a nod to my zipper. I answer, "Pretty much still at attention." She rubs the back of her head, tousling her hair.

I apologize for the bump. She just shrugs and says, "It's hit the headboard harder."

She's leaning against the vertical support with her hands behind her. I ask, "Did you get wet?" She slightly parts her legs and says, "Why don't you check?" I just shake my head, then look up the aisle at the old couple and then down the aisle at the young mother and her child. I look back at her and she lifts her eyebrow asking for an answer. I nod in the direction of the young mother and say, "I can't. You win."

She then leans forward so that only I will hear her. She pouts and says, "And my pussy loses."


Anonymous said...

This makes me want to go to Costco with you a hell of a lot more than once every 6 weeks.

I think they are open now.

Green Catfish said...

but I heard from a good friend that Costco sucks balls

Anonymous said...

It does but not in a good way because they have no technique.