Sunday, December 05, 2010

Seven Year Itch


January 19, 2011 will be my seven year anniversary.

They say that writers write; but is everyone who writes a writer?

fifteen minutes later...
I wonder how much money I have in the bank right now.

five minutes later...
The Christmas tree is up. It's nine feet tall.

four minutes later...
I'm back to work on Monday and Tuesday and then I'm taking Wednesday-Friday off and then I'll do the same the following week. When I'm away, I'll forward my work emails to my personal account, I judge each email. There was only one that I acted on, I left my house, went to where my work car is being repaired, took some No Parking signs out and posted them. The email was sent on Saturday afternoon. Who sends a work related email on Saturday afternoon?

I've known that lady since before I worked for the city. I was the one that composed the memo to have the signs posted, I was the only one she knew to contact, I was on vacation when the signs were supposed to be put up, the shop is pretty good about putting signs up, I wondered if it was my screwup. I found the PDF file of the memo on my flashdrive which means I emailed it out. Shit happens or in this case shit didn't.

I posted the signs and then had a few extras that she could use just in case someone tore down the signs that I had just put up. While I was waiting in the reception area, I read names off the dedication plaque. My name wasn't there but the company name was, I thought, "That was a long time ago. I bet nobody here remembers."

I had thought about ignoring the email, I wasn't going to get paid for hanging signs, it was the weekend and I was on vacation. It's not my job to hang signs.

But if not I, then who?

It was a kind of important issue and a few angry phone calls would have been made if nothing was done, someone's ass was on the line.

(This is the type of shit I usually don't publish)

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