Monday, December 20, 2010


The first thing that I did was to make ten signs. See how nicely all the pertinent information is beautifully arrange. I did that.

10:28AM minus three times zones equals 7:28AM, is what I was thinking at 10:28AM.


At the party there was some young relative of the host, she was probably about twelve or thirteen, her hair was thick and full and she was starting to show curves that would help her get whatever she wants in life during whatever will be her prime years.

She was trying her best to get someone to be Santa. That someone wished for no part of being Santa. She was persistent and would occasionally look like she was about to focus her attention on me, but I wasn’t family, I was unknown, so I was safe. I’m pretty sure she pouted but left with her head held high and as soon as she turned, her self confidence reached the roof again.

I thought, “All your future husbands will be wrapped around your finger.”

Her name was Sophia.

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Anonymous said...

You make great signs.