Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thank you

I googled Oregon Tilth

There is too much circulating in my non-cooperating head, right now.

The guy's name was Eddie. He wore a Veteran's hat. He asked if anybody was sitting in the empty seat beside me. The seats were kind of tight at the bar so it was a bit of a squeeze and he was saying "Sorry" and I'm thinking, "Just do it." He asked if I minded him sitting there. I said, "Yeah I kind of do mind but it's not you, it's the stench of war on you."

I didn't say that and I don't mind when people sit next to me at a crowded bar but I do mind when they make a deal about it.

He forced my attention away from the guy to my left, but I try to be civil so I turned in Eddie's direction. After a little Q&A he asks if I want a shot. I had been thinking of doing a shot of Jack Daniels, but I don't like doing shots alone so I said I'd do a shot if I could pay. He obliged.

The seat next to him then cleared up so he moved over expressing his desire to "give me room." He moved and then started a conversation with the dude next to him.

I was glad to get rid of him but I was a little like, "What the fuck."

He didn't shoot his shot either, he just sipped it. Sipped it with his new friend. Whatever.


The book itself isn't the best part, it's the post-it noted notes inside.

Often the best gift I can give is my time so it touches my heart when I get something that took someone's thought and effort which equals time.

I spent this moment of my life on you.

That's cool.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy all of the time that you give me.