Sunday, December 05, 2010

I was asked why I started blogging.

My first post is January 19, 2004, three days before that on January 16, 2004, I sent an email with "You probably don't give a shit but", in the subject line and the following message.

I like the fact that your journal doesn't involve insightful and original takes on the state of the world. I like the pretty pictures.

I’m just a nobody that found your site while looking for the Official Rules for a Yankee Swap but I don’t think a true asshole would be bothered, that sometime in the world, it’s kittens vs. bunnies.

A true asshole wouldn’t give a damn.

I sent that message to someone I still read. She replied the same day with an email with, "I do", in the subject line, and the following message.

give a shit that is and send you about four hundred and forty four thank yous for what you wrote to me.  cause it's dope and courageous to write notes to peeps you do not know.

what's a yankee swap?  how great is it that you can find a person who doesn't know fuckall about a yankee swap by looking for the official rules for a yankee swap?  i love this internet shit.

thank you, is what i mean to say.  and thank you.

friday kicks ass so far on my end.  hope the same goes for you

I felt it was unfair for me to read her writings and then to send her emails without her having the opportunity to know something about me, so I started this blog.

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