Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Friday at noon union e-board meeting I had got canceled which was a welcomed surprise. So, I headed in town.

When I walked through the door there were only two guys sitting at the bar and they were at the corner stools, when my eyes adjusted to the light, I realized it was one of my liked co-workers so I sat next to him and then I realized the other dude was a friend in the same line of work.

Amanda asked, "What are you drinking, young man?"

"I'll try the Molson again."

"Why are you drinking?" she asked because it was before one o'clock.

"It's a day off."

The Molson's are two bucks a pint where the Newcastle's are five bucks, if the plan was to have just two or three, I would have ordered Newcastle.

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Anonymous said...

I really, really like that photo of you.