Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

One of the games that we play on poker night is called "Screw Your Neighbor." Basically, the game is played not by trying to hold onto the highest card but by not being stuck with the lowest. You can trade your card to the person to your left but you run the chance of that person having an even lower card, if that happens you are pretty much screwed.

When we play this game, I always try to watch the card to my left, it's tough to watch the actual person discreetly, so I just watch the card as they look at it. If I haven't already looked at my card then I will do so. I usually stick with a seven or above and usually will pass anything lower unless I get a vibe that my neighbor has a worse card then me.

I don't know how this vibe works, I don't know if I actually see a 'tell' in how the person handles the card or what but four times I held onto a three and won, where if I had passed it I would have gotten an ace or a two and lost. Only once have a I lost, playing my vibe. I think I have spooked my friends a couple of times by announcing my vibes and then watching them play out.

I get vibes all the time. They are usually just little subtle feelings like, yes, no, good, bad, stop, go. They are the tiniest wisps of a thought.

I'll ask why and get no answer.

When I get these vibes I weigh the cost of the decision of going with the vibe or not.

The vibe is usually right but sometimes I guess wrong at what it's saying.

I had a vibe about a question that would eventually need to be asked. The vibe that I got was to "be careful". I closed out 2010 by finding out that the vibe was right but my guess at how to be careful was wrong.


Melissa said...

Happy New Year, Timmy.

Green Catfish said...

Happy New Year, Melissa!