Thursday, December 16, 2010

I learned about Flip video cameras from a blog.

The place asked for a video clip of former attendees. The place deals with persons with behavioral problems; that person in my circle is the Owner's daughter.

The place had sent a SD memory card with the request to put the clip on the card and send it back. The Owner knew that the place just really needed a way to get the clip and that the memory card was just sent for convenience.

I thought it presumptuous to send a memory card but who am I to judge and plus the Owner knows I'm set up to handle all sorts of media.

The Owner asked me to drop by on Wednesday to help. I told her the day before to just shoot the video and I'll prepare it to any format the place wants.

On Wednesday, I got there earlier than she would have expected and we talked about the video. She hadn't shot it yet but the Flip video camera was charging at home and once her daughter returned from school, she would record the clip. She called the place while I was there and I spoke to the guy who was compiling the video about size and format.

I don't have a Flip camera but I've seen the specs. I told the Owner that whatever way the camera spits out the video, the guy at the place would be able to use. I further told her that there is a jack that flips out from the camera and plugs directly into a USB port, and Windows should handle the setup and downloading from there. I told her that I was confident that her and her daughter could figure it out.

I know she's had issues with her daughter and I thought it would be a good opportunity to further bond.  I assumed that the clip was going to be more personal than most people would just like to have the whole world to see, so I said that it would be more advantageous if I weren't there; she agreed with my thinking. I told her to call me if there were troubles.

She didn't call.

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