Monday, December 13, 2010

Laughs and Snorts

Good Monday.

Some stuff was moved about my desk but otherwise things seemed unscathed; there is always this worry I have that things are going to get trashed because someone is looking for something.

Nobody should be looking for anything.

But such is life.

Occasionally, we all end up searching for something, I guess.

The last day that I was in work was on Tuesday.

Now, it’s Monday.

I can hear four different phone calls going on.

I open up my iTunes.

I think about how much I like not coming into work.

I think about being seduced by the two day work weeks that I had scheduled for myself.

I think about money and then love.

I think I should be able it conquer the day job.

I think about why I let it conquer me so often.

I think about sinking and swimming.

I think that sinking seems so peaceful.

I think that saying that “Sinking seems so peaceful” may seem like a reference to suicide.

I think I need to say, I would welcome the sensory deprivation

I think that I would also welcome some sensory depravation.

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