Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath.

I often like to spell breath incorrectly. I like it, like it was my job to spell it incorrectly, anyway, the guy’s a bit of an a-hole.

I want to reply to the guy very very much but the best thing to do it to be quiet. And you would figure being quiet would be very very easy for me but it’s not, not at this moment.

Take a deep breath.

(I usually will throw an ‘e’ at the end)

So, if I were to build a snowman midget. I would hard pack a tall pile of snow (tall in style as opposed to height) and then carve the little fella out of the pile.

But alas, I think it gets too dark at night for carving midgets by the time I get home.

Originally, when the plan was pictured in my head, he was in the front yard standing next to the dwarf Japanese maple tree but I think I would create him in the back yard because I don’t want any knocking, low on my front door.

"We like to be called little people!"

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Anonymous said...

Snow Midgets!!

Breathe, Timmy, breathe.