Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time and Temperature

When I walked in she was just standing there wearing black lace boy shorts. I searched my memory if I had ever spoken my fondness of boy shorts to her. I could not think of an instance of were I even ever said "Boy shorts" in her presence. I could only remember thinking about how great boy shorts would look on her.

She claims she's has no psychic abilities, she claims it's all her ability to empathize, her interviewing skills both avert and subvert, and her listening skill. I don't think she a liar but I think she may not know she has psychic abilities, that she just rationalizes what she knows to something on the Earthly plain.

I step near her to whisper, "I'm back," into her left ear as I continue my motion to get behind her. She replies by saying, "I thought you would be," and as she starts to turn I say, "Don't."

I undress behind her and I wonder if those boy shorts would look as good on any other ass. I think of all the other asses in the World and further think that they are one lucky pair of boy shorts.

I stand up behind and whisper, into her right ear this time, "How long have you been standing here?" as I move around to her front. I smile with pleasure thinking about how every time I whisper, she tilts her head in desire of my softly spoken words. She replies, "Not long but too long."

I kneel in front of her about a step away. I grab her waist and pull her closer. It's a subtle power move, even though I'm the one one his knees, it's my bidding that we will be doing.

I kiss her navel, a little peck at first and then with a little tongue.

I feel her shiver but I don't look up; looking up would transfer any power I just gained back to her and it isn't time for that, yet.

I slide what she's wearing down to her knees and say to myself, "Well, hello." I know why women shave their most private areas but I don't agree with it and I'm always grateful when I see that she doesn't agree with it either.

I bury my nostrils into her bush and take a deep breath but its never the first breath that is the most rewarding, it's one of the ones that follow, one of the ones that is warmed by my exhales which sort of steams her scent from her.

I can feel she wants more but I make her wait.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait. I absolutely can not wait.