Friday, December 24, 2010

The nieces are here

I asked, "Why can't it be Be Nice to Your Uncle Day?"

The middle one said, "Naw, that doesn't really work for us."

Later the youngest handed me a small post-it note shirt and a thick red marker and said, "Here, color this."

So I did.

I asked her how she liked it.

"It's pretty good."

"Just pretty good?"

"Yeah, it's neat."

"Thank you."


Anonymous said...

It is neat. I like it.

Green Catfish said...

and when she said neat she meant no sloppy, so we got into a discussion about sloppy art and that just because it's sloppy doesn't mean it's bad because I know her grandmother is all about staying within the lines.

Anonymous said...

Just because it's sloppy doesn't mean it's very true. Basquiat would be proud of you.