Monday, December 27, 2010

I kept telling myself, "Do Not Hate This Snow."

I opened the side door to take a look. It didn't seem too bad, but it wasn't good.
After I made a path down the drive and did my sidewalk. I calculated some time. I then texted my direct supervisor and told him that I would be late.

I could have just left for work, I did was I was obligated to do by city ordinance but I like helping out my neighbors and I also wanted to finish the drive.

I finished my drive and made a path from the drive to the front door.

I then did the two neighbors to my right. I usually do more but I figured I did enough. I still had to get to work because I'm essential.

Oh, well.


"The phone's for you."

"I'm coming."


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's ok to hate the snow. It is beautiful, though.

Green Catfish said...

The wind was swirling and often it would hit me in the face, I wondered how someone could help me warm them up, I think thighs were involved.

Anonymous said...

Thighs were definitely involved.