Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real Ladies Love It. The Fake Ladies Seem Indifferent to It.

Using code he informed me of his plans. So, I showed up at the place but he wasn’t there. I was undeterred. I hadn’t been there since the people that knew me best had left, but the one that was there recognized me.

During a moment that wasn’t busy she said, “I like the goatee.”

I smiled because I knew she liked it because she's a lady and real ladies love it, and I smiled because it was cool she said so. That's number four unsolicited favorable remarks, there have been no unfavorable remarks.


I was just finishing talking to some guy at the front desk, when the boss walked by. The big boss, the boss to the boss of the boss of my boss(my boss's boss's boss's boss). The office is sparse of folks that you would trust talking to the public so at the moment, I'm at the top. It isn't in my job description, it is quite out of my scope but helping folks is what I do.

While walking back to my desk, the boss turns to me and says, "You were way too nice to that guy."

"Yeah, with the holidays and all, I should have said get the heck out of here." while making a kicking motion which caused the boss under him to join the conversation because he didn't want to miss out on a funny joke.


Anonymous said...

I guess that means I'm a real lady.

King said...

I'm having dinner with THE boss of all the bosses soemtime in 2011. It was an auction item.

Green Catfish said...


Yeah, I was talking with the Commissioner when the Deputy Commissioner walked up. I sort of forgot THE boss.

And good luck with your 'exorcism' I know I would rather give up both beer and wine than spirits.