Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've always like the color of rust.


I got nothing. I've been here thirteen hours.

I'm typing this right from Blogger so I'm not going to spell check.

I like living on the edge sometimes.

Twenty banners, a few photos with someone else's camera, a floating bolt 'picture,' I hope there's more but that's what I remember for now.

I think we've started to kick ass again.

"Too modern" was some of the feedback on the ad redesign. I had wished they had said that to me. I owner likes it though so... and if she didn't I would have made a stand. Se heard a little of it anyway.

"If you go with that ad, you'll have the most contemporary ad in the whole paper and it's totally unique. Once you have the listing you're not selling to owners anymore, you're selling to buyers and those are two different sets of people."

"I know. I agree and I'd tried to explain that to them..."

You can't sell high end properties using old world traditions.

The ad's not even edgy and it uses normal looking typefaces and the predominate color is a muted green. Babies! I say.

I'm still rather conservative.

I kind of think it's funny though because I was going to leave a note to the owner saying that I didn't she had the balls to use it

Here's more bolts for you.

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