Friday, March 30, 2007

Prince Charming is my evil twin.

"What do you mean? I'm here all the time!"

Then there was a pause as the other person on the phone responded.

"Yes, that's where I am, out in the field fixing problems."

So are you either here or there? Because you can't be both.


I forget they hear most everything I say when I talking with my co-workers, so their judgments aren't just based on the interactions I have with them but also interactions I have with others.

I frequently try to offer the brighter side, the lighter side, the good side, the side of hope. I don't wish to have people ignore the bad; I just don't want them to forget the good. I'll also mention the bad when people start to bank on the good. Hoping for the best is good, just watch your back while you're doing it.

I mention the counter point, I guess - it's just that most of the people I deal with are very negative.


I was walking back to work and noticed her trying to hail a cab. I walked on my side of the street until I was perpendicular to her and started to jaywalked.

"You waving to me?" I asked.

I love dropping cheesy lines on them. They are always getting hounded by horny jackasses. I get a kick out of watching their expressions go from exasperated to friendly once they find out it's me. She smiled and hugged me the best she could with the bags in her hands. She asked me to see her later as she get into the back of a cab; she was off to finish a presentation for a one thirty meeting.

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